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The platform
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Informal one-on-one interactions, collaboration, networking, and match-making for groups of any size.

The platform for better conversations
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A place to connect personally and professionally, chat, play and have a great time

For happier remote and hybrid teams:

For happier remote and hybrid teams:

  • Virtual water-cooler spaces for casual chats
  • In-company events (i.e Town Hall meetings)
  • Cross-department mixers

For virtual and hybrid conferences:

For virtual and hybrid conferences:

  • Mixers and networking events
  • Professional speed-dating
  • Meet-up before, during or after the main event

What people say

  • Tom Holgersson

    Very cool and great way to meet!

    Tom Holgersson

    Director of Innovation, Scale-up and Expansion at Findec (Sweden's Fintech Hub)

  • Mariah Kurtinaitis Joukes

    The best morning in weeks!

    Mariah Kurtinaitis Joukes

    Lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

  • Rene Uruena gives space to create empathy, it reproduces what one is used to do in the classroom

    Rene Uruena

    Research director at Universidad de los Andes

Other hybrid or remote group settings

Any hybrid or remote group of people will benefit from good conversations, increased engagement and social connectedness.

  • Networking associations: for networking events

  • Recruitment agencies and HR specialist: for informal meetings with candidates

  • Online training agencies: for trainings and connecting participants

  • Agile and Scrum teams: for cross-team connections

  • Ecosystem connectors: for bringing together stakeholders

  • Universities and student associations: for bringing together staff and students

  • Educators and learning specialists: for discussion groups and virtual office hours

  • International organisations or associations: for bringing members together

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